Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'm Keeping My Day Job

I was on the phone most of the day yesterday notifying clients of my upcoming move. It was satisfying work though I'm not sure I'd ever make a good call center agent.

I found it pretty tiring probably because I was sitting all day and I'm not used to that. A new found appreciation of such a job was developed as I reached my 5 hr mark.

I'm telling myself that once all the start up stuff ends, then I can just concentrate doing what I know best.

Got my first cell phone bill and do not understand what all the line items are about. So a call into Bell Mobility is in order today. It seems like I've been billed for a whole lot of stuff I didn't think I paid for.

A switch flipped in my mind this morning that helped to frame what I was embarking on.

I'm going to start looking at my new venture as my semi-retirement project -- Slower pace, simple way to go about doing business, lesser need to bring in the "big bucks".

Once I started thinking this way, my stress level fell. Let's hope the reality is as rosy as the picture in my head!


  1. Got to be careful with phone companies - they love charging little extra fees here and there calling it some weird names to confuse customers. At least that's been my experience.

  2. Hi Sandra!

    It is a pain to have to go into the store to get this all sorted out but it sounds like I'm not the only one.

    You have to wonder if it is done deliberately so you have to go back to the store and maybe buy more stuff while you are there.

    I can't imagine that after doing business for so many years, there are these type of mistakes still being made!