Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Final Touches

I guess I shouldn't be surprised but I did not even get a good bye or thank you or good luck or anything from the owners of where I (used to) work. My last day was yesterday.

I felt neutral and slightly relieved to be out of there. No sadness at all considering it has been almost 13 years for me. Maybe I've emotionally left that relationship a long time ago.

The staff were pretty emotional and they will be missed. I intend to keep in touch.

Just a few odds and sods left to buy and organize and I'll be able to open the doors for business. I'm at the notification postcards stage.

The newspaper advertisement is done and paid for. I've called everyone I can. And I have appointments booked for next week.

The only aspect that needs doing is formatting new paperwork. It'll get done on time.

I'm over in my start up costs estimates but hope to recoup it shortly.


  1. 13 years and not even a good bye, good luck or thank you! Now that is really, really sad. You certainly did the right thing moving on and opening your own business. Just goes to show you sometimes how really unappreciated we are to our employers. You always have to look out for #1. I wish you the best of luck and much success in your new endevour :)

  2. Actual costs are always higher than estimated costs don't you think? This is an exciting stage for you! Have fun!!! =)

  3. Hi Sue!

    Thank so much! It is sad isn't it? I'm not sure what they are thinking.

    Happy Canada Day!!!

    Hi Sandra!

    I'll be really glad to see the line items on my Visa stop popping up so quickly!

    Thanks for your support!