Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Life Clips Along

I'm getting a raise. What it means to me is that I will be raising the price of my services between 2.4% and 5% after 5 years of no raises. I feel it is fair. This change will be effective May 1st.

Just filed my taxes on D's computer just to get it out of the way even though I wanted to have the file on my own laptop. The status of its repair is saying they are waiting for a part now to arrive sometime in the next 2 weeks... :( I've sent an email detailing how I am none too happy about it. Maybe they'll send me a new computer...not holding my breath...

I have other things that are demanding my attention such as outdoor garden spring clean up (Have I ever mentioned I happen to enjoy raking?), reading (The Host is out in paperback now and I'm getting a copy) and more neighbourhood bike riding.

Cottage opening is slated for this weekend. D is gearing up for his 5th attempt at getting the water started (we run on a well up there). Historically it has been the plumbers who do it for us but each year we hope that we'll get the gist of it and save the $200. The closing part has been successful. As we haven't been up since Oct of last year, we hope it is still standing!


  1. Sounds fair enough; you need to keep up with inflation after all.

    Sorry about the computer. 2 weeks seems like a long time! A computer is such a personal item these days. Using another person’s computer for any length of time just doesn’t feel right…

  2. Hi Sandra!

    Thanks -- It is frustrating but in the bigger scheme of things, it is really barely a drop in the bucket.

    It'll get here when it gets here and hopefully I will not have any more issues with it EVER!