Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Everyday Living

My hair is starting to drive me crazy. Because I forgot to bring a measuring tape with me last year when I had the big cut, 12 inches ended up being taken off instead of 8 so this year, it is taking longer to grow the 8 inches required for donation. I'm at 6 1/2 inches right now. Was hoping to have short hair for the summer...

I've decide to put in a concerted effort in the next 2 1/2 weeks to learn some more German. I'm going to depend on Living Language's All Audio German to help me out. I've used this series before (Italian) to good success. We'll see what I can do with it this time.

D and I went on our first bike ride in over 2 years -- not since we moved. The bikes and helmets have been patiently waiting. It was fun seeing our neighbourhood from a different perspective.

We live in a very mature neighbourhood now compared to where we come from (6 yrs old) so you really notice the shade provided by the old trees, how much more the homes are set back and the narrower roads.

D is already dreaming of a new bike. His is 14 yrs old and was one of the first hybrids out there and for the time, quite costly. Mine, on the other hand is 4 yrs old, has a lot of suspension, thicker tires and is very comfortable. D wants 2 bikes -- road and a mountain one.

There is nothing material I really want right now (outside of my laptop to return fixed asap) -- that is unless you count plane tickets. I know someone who is still driving their well running vehicle with 428K on it so that has gotten me determined to see my car through a while further.


  1. Do you donate to locks of love? My hair is getting long... the last time I had it cut was summer of 2008. Usually it's tied up in a clip or bun.

    German is fairly similar to English; I learned it while I was in high school but don't remember much of it. I really haven't had a chance to use it ~ haven't been to Germany yet.

    Have fun biking!!

  2. Just came across your blog and say it is great. You must be planning a trip to Germany this year since you are familiarizing yourself with the language. I was there in 2008 and it was great and the language is fairly easy to pick up. Of course, there are so many people there that speak English that it wasn't a big problem.

  3. Hi Sandra!

    Pantene has a program with our local Cancer Society very similar to Locks of Love. There are many great organizations out there.

    I've been told there are ones who will allow just 6 inches but I haven't been able to find them. That would make things a little easier for me and allow more frequent donations.

    You'll be set then, when you get around to planning that family trip to Germany :)

    I wish I took more language courses in highschool. It would make things so much easier now...

    Hi Immer;

    Thanks for stopping by! It's good to know that!

    I cannot believe what you've been through -- am looking forward to reading more.

  4. Wow! you donate hair every year? I had no idea it grew so fast, actually.

    And I'm always interested in new audio programs since I enjoy learning languages on my own.

  5. Hi Simple in France;

    I've never considered how fast or slow my hair grows. I thought it was around 1/2 to 1 inch a month?

    Me too, I have an affinity for learning languages -- some are so beautiful sounding or visually, I just can't help but want a part in it!