Monday, April 26, 2010

Different Strokes

D and I have a very small circle of friends. Most of them are older than we are brought together by mutual love of travelling and life. Friends our age tend to be knee deep into shuttling grade school or highschool kids around.

As we don't have kids (and don't plan to), we have a fairly leisurely lifestyle and the numbers of people our age who can relate to us has dropped off significantly over the years. Luckily we don't need to have other people around to have a good time.

We had dinner with some of D's colleagues who I found out, do their best to avoid taking vacations with their spouse. It took me by surprise as I don't understand that.

"B" is a senior member of a medium size corporation, makes a good amount of money and has a couple of kids finishing highschool. They are members at a prestigious country club and on the surface look like they have "everything".

His wife doesn't need to work but does part time because there are great benefits to working for a bank. They probably spend 8 nights away a year with each other. The other 7 weeks a year are spent vacationing with 3 - 4 other families.

I cannot imagine it. I can understand when the kids are young, it is nice to be able to switch off with other parents but when the kids are ready to move away for school?

D and I spend an inordinately amount of time together even thought I go away solo a few times a year. I cannot imagine not seeing him much during the week for most of the year and then not really getting away together on top of that.

It wouldn't be my idea of the way I'd like things at my home. They seem to be alright with it. Perhaps I am way more needy than I thought. Makes me wonder how they will fare when they have an empty nest.


  1. Couples spending lots of time apart? That's very foreign to me as well. Honestly, we've been married for almost 12 years and we've only spent 5 nights completely apart from each other... the first 2 were when I was in the hospital having our first baby, and the other 3 were when my hubby took a business trip! I would NOT wish to be away from him, heck, while I love my children dearly, I AM raising them to some day leave us (LOL) and I do look forward to being alone with my husband again - someday!

  2. Hi Makky's Mom!

    I still don't get it. We are like you in that we really do like spending time together and can't wait for retirement so that we can spend more!