Wednesday, March 17, 2010


The details of D's new job are slowly trickling in. I know he is impatient for the "sign up paper work phase" to be over. There are background and criminal checks and 20 pages worth of contract materials to read etc. etc. But he tells me it is finally wrapping up.

We found out he will not get his first pay cheque until the end of April because of the way the pay cycles work. It's a bit strange as he will get paid on a Monday. Most companies pay on Thursdays or Fridays. At least the cycle falls in line with our mortgage. That was my biggest concern.

Now we just have to figure out cash flow for next month's time. We are anticipating he will be getting his final pay and severance on his last day of work but am not sure. Some emails to HR ought to clear that up. If not, we have enough cash floating around I can maneuver to cover should need be.

This just re-emphasizes to me the importance of liquidity. That is by far the biggest lesson I learned since the economy headed down. I had no real cash stores to speak of. I took for granted that monies in my non registered account (which are invested in stocks) would always make me money and why would anyone bother with simple savings? Fortunately I know better now.


  1. J and I keep enough in savings account (cash) to cover 1 year's expenses. It might sound excessive but we're conservative in that way.

  2. Hi Sandra!

    It makes total sense to me. We moved some of our cash into ETF funds as a more "conservative" way to save money and hopefully make a bit more in return than the <1% the savings accounts here are paying.