Thursday, February 11, 2010

Out of Patience

Sometimes it is just easier to not engage with someone who is argumentative or has to be "right". D and I have an unhappy "friend" (I believe that is no longer the case) who make everything about her. As she works mainly as a hobby, she has plenty of time to dwell on why the world doesn't send her the happiness she deserves.

Historically, she wasn't always this way. Life's "challenges" (in the form of not having enough vacations or boyfriends that care...) has hardened her to a not very likable person. Everything is about her comfort and her problems and why she has not been able to find someone who loves her enough to marry her and make her into a mother.

Our patience has just run out.

The harder I work, the more difficulty I have empathizing with people who "make stuff up" to worry about. I'm talking about someone who is very educated and worldly and has had more financial benefits then I'll likely see in my lifetime.

That doesn't make up for what I feel she didn't get -- Humility, tact, empathy, joy and self honestly. It goes to show you, money isn't everything.

I find it very useful to look at myself objectively to see what I am portraying out to the world. Am I behaving in a kind manner? Am I acting like a person other people would like to spend time around? Am I attracting goodness or repelling it? Sometimes the common link to not getting what you want is yourself.


  1. I agree it's exhaustive and draining to have "friends" like that. Sometimes it's best to fire them from your life so their negatively doesn't suck the life out of yours. I've had to do that on more than one occassion. I neither have the patience nor the time for people who live in the "poor me" world. Life doesn't come with a dress rehearsal, you want something you make it happen. Life is way to short and the sooner people realize that the better off they will be.

  2. My sisters neighbor is horrid woman. Always better than everyone else and never pleasant. Now she is 85, no-one comes to visit (not that most ordinary people would be allowed in anyway)and she is surprised. My sister is kind gentle person but her sharp tongue and general attitude mean even Susan has had enough.
    Let them get together and save us from all of them!

  3. Hi Sue!

    Firing her sounds like a plan. I just don't have enough energy in a day to take on someone else's "petty" problems!

    Congrats on your latest acheivement! It's fun to get surprises in the mail!

    Hi Lizzie;

    Funny enough, I was just thinking of how she will not have anyone around when she gets old and still finds herself single. I cannot imagine any guy who outside of wanting her money, could handle her.

    If I could get her shipped overseas to join your sister's neighbor, I would! They sound like they would be perfect for each other!