Friday, February 12, 2010

Everyday Stuff

One financial milestone I'm excited to be hitting this year is a five digit main house mortgage amount. There is something therapeutic about not seeing 6 digits I'm looking forward to. A bit of extra breathing room you might say.

Someone I know who is in banking told me in a recent meeting that their bank forecasts a 2.5% increase in mortgage rates this year and 1.5% increase for 2011. If it were to be true, our rate would rise to where it was 2 years ago when we bought this house -- 4.5%. Oh well, what will be will be. One thing for sure, we would have taken advantage of the lower rates by paying extra so no regrets that way.

Since my last post on the negative and complaining person, I have found myself surprisingly more up. I have new found appreciation for my life. There is not much truly worry some. It is beyond my comprehension how it would feel to be that negative. I've felt fairly down at points in my history but I cannot say the same for prolonged negativity. Man, am I happy about that!

D and I celebrate the date of our first date monthly so Valentine's day is just another excuse to do something else fun. We are thinking of a day trip this weekend. Anyone going to celebrate this weekend?

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