Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I have not been great at succeeding in making stock (veg, chicken, beef) of any sort yet. I end up buying the canned stuff and it adds up.

Recently, D talked me into using the powdered variety and it has worked pretty well. Our costs dropped by over 50% and it tastes mostly the same even though it is from the same company -- Knorr.

I received a couple of compliments from one of my friends the other day. When I told them that I track the Bank of Canada rate like a hawk, they exclaimed "If you are worried about mortgage rates going up, then 99.9% of Canadians are going to lose their homes!".

Later in the week, they asked who we use for car insurance and when they called to get a quote, they couldn't believe how much lower it was. They told me that they will just turn over all their finances for me to handle.

For the record the person saying this is very responsible financially and far far ahead than most their age. They will be mortgage debt free in 3 years and are only in their very early 30's. They do not need any financial help. I find their determination inspiring.

D is considering moving some of his non registered money into registered, like what I did in the fall. What that will mean is it will be considered an RSP contribution and he will get a tax refund in the mid $1000.

Most financial planners will have you reinvest your refund or use it to pay down debt etc. What does D want to do with it? He wants to come on the next trip with me.

We had to sit down and calculate just how much we have in non reg. assets and if we are comfortable with that number. Once monies are shifted in RSPs, it is not supposed to moved or used until we are retired as there are fees for withdrawal etc. My earlier move and this potential move affects our liquidity.


  1. Hello there
    I was just rereading this post and want to say - be careful when using powdered stock or stock cubes as they have a very high salt content. In the end (for health reasons ) making your own stock is the best option. You can always make a large amount and freeze for other times
    Take care

  2. Hi Cathy!

    You are absolutely correct on that. I've had to cut them in half in order to use them. I really need to get off the couch and learn to make it from scratch.