Monday, February 1, 2010


Our Costco membership expired at the end of Nov/09. From a reader tip, we bought a cash card that will allow us to shop there without a membership. We have not used our card yet. Surprisingly, we have been getting good deals from our local grocers and have not really missed Costco.

In fact, we have found that some items we had been buying (ie. brown sugar) are more expensive than our local bulk food store. It's too soon to tell if we will not bother ever renewing our membership.

There are a couple of people I know who are entertaining the thought of working in Europe. Funny enough, after hearing their stories, I stumbled on an ad for a position I would be suitable for overseas. D is encouraging me to look into it. After all, we aren't tied down here.

I don't have any real details but my guess would be they are looking for someone to run the whole division and the hours of work per week would be like I was starting at the beginning again. So would a new location, higher pay (with higher cost of living) and new challenge outweigh the amount of work I would like to do at this point of my career?

I would love to live in Europe and we have sufficient assets to be able to buy a place to live if it turns out to be a permanent thing. It's neat to mentally consider the ins and outs of it. I'm not sure though if I will pursue this any further. Some days I'm itching to start new elsewhere. Some days I like my routine. I just hope I'm not getting complacent.


  1. It is expensive over here but as you say our salaries are okay too, however the good thing is far more annual leave allowance. I work full time but have 28 days annual leave each year, 8 bank holidays (national holidays)and potentially another 12 flexi days if i have worked too many hours. Many other European countries ahve more generous leave allowance. Its worth considering for sure.

  2. Hi Lizzie!

    Thanks for the insights. Lots to consider, that's for sure!