Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I saw 2 different money role models growing up. My mother is a saver. My father felt entitled to buy collectibles because he worked so hard and long.

Neither parent is particularly happy, they just dealt with it differently. So that got me thinking about entitlement and how we respond to it.

Both parents affected me equally. I am able to sacrifice and save but I can also justify treating myself to a great meal out as a reward for a good month at work. (I am not into collectibles)

The influences I've picked up from them I want to be rid of include being a martyr and being overworked. Neither states of being promote balance and happiness.

When things got more prosperous for our family, they were not able to relax into enjoying life. The old habits were too ingrained and they found out they no longer understood each other, much less their children.

The current displays of entitlement I see in younger and fully formed adults seem different. Rarely have I seen examples of where it stemmed from overworking. Often it comes from people who aren't working enough. Credit has a lot to do with it I'm guessing and maybe even TV.

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