Friday, January 15, 2010

Car & Work

Yesterday afternoon, I felt the urge to reduce my work load and thought my time off was not enough. It didn't take long for that place to start getting to me again. It's a shame a place meant for helping people get healthy can be so unhealthy for its workers.

I know enough nurses to know that they don't have it easy in a hospital setting either. In many ways, much worst than I. I think I am just too idealist some days. I will continue to plod along. Two years eight months til the end of our main house mortgage term.

My car is in today to get its Drive Clean test. Every couple of years, the emission of our cars gets tested and if it spews out too much nasty stuff, you will not be allowed to renew your licence until you get it fixed.

My car's numbers have continued to be way below allowable. I'm expecting it be the case again today. And yes, the test costs money, around $35. Licencing for the year costs $74.

My book club selections have been extra great this year. I just finished "The Book of Negroes" by Lawrence Hill --Highly recommend it. Some other book stand outs are listed on my sidebar.

Today is a bit gray but we've recently had a string of bright sunny days, no wind, a few degrees below 0 Celsius -- just perfect for walking to work with sunglasses on.

This is my second winter walking and have finally caught on that leaving work socks and shoes at work is so much more convenient. That way, I can wear my really warm socks walking on those - 25 degree days.

Yes, this girl can learn -- it may take a while but eventually it does come through!


  1. Just to make you feel a bit better. I think ours is £50 for the MOT, which includes the emmissions test. This is annual.
    Tax is something like £140 anually (more for bigger cars).
    Its an offence to drive without both of these plus insurance of course. Looking on the bright side I am sure the cities are nicer to be in since emmssion testing and the end of leaded petrol.

  2. Wow, Lizzie, that is a big difference! I had no idea. Nope, I have nothing to complain about!