Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bunch of News

A bunch of disjointed news today.
  • My car passed its emissions test yesterday with flying colours!
  • D got an email about some contract work starting hopefully soon. Potentially 200 hrs of it.
  • I got confirmation that my associates are getting more and more cheap. Apparently only people who were working right up to Christmas got a gift certificate ($50) and a thank you letter. Those of us who were away early or didn't work that day, got nothing. This is the first year in 12 that I have not gotten a card or anything. And it was another staff member who handed it out -- not the owners. I am glad I did not have high expectations of them.
  • I've decided to do my best to see as many new places I can during my time off this year. Enough lazing around!
  • My new computer battery is averaging 4hrs on each charge. Not the 6hrs I was looking for but I have a sneaking suspicion it will require some power setting changes I am not willing to make. I like having a brightly lit screen.
  • D likes not having to shop for groceries weekly. I still went about my flyer reading just to see if there is any phenomenal deals out there anyway.
  • The new laptop bag I got is much smaller and I am still trying to fit everything I would like in it as it is also substituting for my purse.
  • D amused me with a story of someone he works with who is up to their armpits in debt but is currently trying to figure out how to afford a $14000 watch. This story helped to shake me out of my tough day at work and made me just howl with laughter.
  • I cannot believe I am even considering this but we are going to learn more about Bluetooth technology this weekend as a substitute for my clunky headset I currently use to make calls on Skype.

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