Monday, January 11, 2010

Bunch of Stuff

We used up our bi-weekly grocery money this weekend stocking up the fridge again. By the time we went out west, we had done a pretty good job eating what we had. What this means is that we will not shop for 2 weeks.

Normally we have money left over and end up shopping weekly. Perhaps the flyers were extra good this weekend? It may be more efficient to shop less often, as long as there isn't food wastage. We'll just have to see how the next 2 weeks play out.

I haven't found any place I would like to go for my birthday. Right now, we are in a bit of a cool spell so somewhere warm wouldn't hurt my feelings. I've priced out 5 days in Chicago and New York and believe it or not, there are some great hotel deals in both cities. Flights are also very reasonable.

There was one place that did pull at me -- Yellowknife, NWT. (What is with me and cold places?!) I couldn't get reasonable and good connecting flights for such a short trip. Unless I stumble upon something I haven't found yet, I will need to tuck this one away for another day.

Since we've come home, I've been really missing the use of a laptop. So, the search for one started again. It didn't take long to confirm the one I would like. I saw it last fall and just noticed it is the one featured in the latest HP commercials. I may just buy myself that unit as my birthday present.


  1. Yellowknife sounds interesting, but if I was to go there it be during the summer, so that I can see the midnight sun.



  2. Whitehorse is a good option. It's only -35C today ;)

  3. Hi Jason & Northern Living Allowance!

    I would be interested in seeing 24 hr daylight someday too... as my birthday is in a few weeks, I was hoping to find a place to go sooner than later, that's all.

    Yes, I'm asking for it, thinking of Yellowknife at this time of year. It would be a good test of my gear though! And a superb opportunity to see the northern lights. I know someone who works as a flight controller at the airport and the pictures of the lights are amazing!