Wednesday, January 13, 2010


My December month end is in and I start 2010 with good news. I managed to beat my projections and it will translate to an extra $220.86 take home. What we are doing with any bonus monies is splitting it 50:50 as extra pocket money. Mine gets transferred to my dream account.

It's going to be no go for a birthday trip this year. I cannot get it together in time so we are going to move to a birthday bonus instead -- probably $500 each to do with as we wish. Pretty sure on the laptop right now but cannot seem to quite pull the trigger yet. It will cost my birthday bonus plus another couple hundred dollars.

From now til I depart for Iceland, I will be learning all sorts of things like which restaurants I would like to try, where are they on the map, what walking routes would I like to do, where the supermarkets are etc. etc. Others like when I am going out hunting for the northern lights will be decided once there because it is very weather dependent.

I have been looking around for Icelandic language DVDs without any luck from our local library. However, they do have a course in book form. Not sure how that will work. I'll know soon as it will be picked up today.

The airlines have changed travel requirements to the US again and now the laptop bag I thought worked last week doesn't. Hopefully things will change again before the spring. If not, I do have a back up plan involving the case I bring to work.


  1. Well, best of luck on your Iceland plans! I really hope you see the Northern Lights - they really can be quite breathtaking.

    And, hey, Yukon is a lot closer (& cheaper) than Iceland, so if it doesn't work out there, you can always try here. :)

  2. Hi Northern Living Allowance!

    Thank you! I'm going to keep my fingers and toes crossed for that one.

    I'm not sure why I never thought to price out the's on the list now!