Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Gas Usage

D printed out a couple of neat graphs courtesy of our gas supply company. It shows our 2 year gas consumption and bills. We have been in our main house for 2 years now and the results are really interesting.

Our overall gas use has decreased 1/3rd this year compared to last year. How? Basically by manually turning off the heat when we are warm and not using our electronic thermostat.

It goes against the recommended way but it works for us. I found that I didn't need the house at the same temperature the whole day and it was a waste to leave it on at all when we go out.

Funny enough, we cook with gas and that has actually increased as we are eating out less.

Ironically, our bills were similar both years even though our consumption decreased. Why? The cost of natural gas skyrocketed last winter. Had we not made our thermostat changes, our bills last winter would have been higher.

Even though I would have liked to see our monthly amounts reflect our efforts, I cannot control the cost of the resource. Who knows what this winter's prices will be?

We are lowering our in house max temperature as a start. I've even talked D into wearing an extra layer. We are going to keep cooking.


  1. I am a wimp, I can't take being cold and will burn cash to keep warm! Fortunately I live in a warm climate so even during the coldest months our bills are quite reasonable. It helps to only have a tiny house to heat!

  2. I agree with your method. My wife and I usually put the house on an "away" setting of about 50-55 F when we're not at home (like when we're at work) or when we're sleeping. Basically just warm enough that the pipes along exterior walls don't freeze. When we're home we will turn it up a little bit (like 60), but we wear a lot of wooly socks and hooded sweatshirts to keep ourselves warm during the darker months. It's really an easy way to save money.

    The only problem is that now when we go to the houses of others, we tend to overheat, because our bodies are accustomed to lower temperatures.

  3. I am new here and so happy to find a like minded person when it comes to the money/life balance!

    We keep the house "freezing" according to my sister. Like you, we turn the heat down when not needing it, we wear extra sweaters, and even do a little more activity to keep the temp comfortable.

    Since having kids, we have found the house needs to be warmer than it did before. And now that I work from home (on my computer) I need to keep that room warmer than some other spaces -- thankfully it is a small room.

    I look forward to being a regular here!

  4. Hi Miss M!

    I am a wimp too. You should see the get up I wear to stay warm. Luckily I ski and skate so I have base layers etc and lots of fleece!

    Hi Executioner;

    Without having heat on overnight or during the day, our house will hit a low of 58 F, so that's why we can turn heat off totally without worrying.

    We aren't as hardy as you are yet. High temps for us is still 66 - 67 F right now and higher when we have people over.

    I too have started to find it balmy at my friends' homes. It's all relative, I guess!

    Welcome Pol!

    Our friends with children all remark the same. They need their homes warmer.

    My husband works from home 2 days a week and he has found that he needs more heat as well.

    He's a bit more stubborn than me and more reluctant with respect to being heat frugal (he's good with other frugal stuff). Getting him to wear an extra layer has been like pulling teeth!

    Do you have a blog? Your link errors out for me.