Monday, November 30, 2009

Getting Ready to Go

The packing for our trip out west has started. You may be surprise to read that 90% of what is in our suitcases is food! Let me explain.

Groceries are expensive where we are going. It is double or more. Originally we thought it was because we are at a ski resort and being a captive audience etc. etc.

Then we took a trip into the city and found some of the prices even higher?! We were told that it is because it is expensive to get all the food through the mountains etc. etc.

I put my foot down at the $6.99 carton of Tropicana orange juice, the $4.50 package of Fudgeos and the $11.00 pancake mix. We have been bringing our favorite foods with us since.

Ironically, meat, dairy and some vegetables are a good price while bread is not. I cannot figure it out.

It actually works really well. When we took possession of our condo, we flew out to stock it. With our ski equipment and clothing already out there, what else do we use our luggage for?

So all we have to bring out are snack food, dried foodstuffs etc. That way when there is a sale here, we just buy extra and put it aside. At the end of each ski season, D takes an inventory so we have something to work with for the next year.

Last year we brought out a humidifier as the air in the mountain is dry. This year we are bring a new pot, a couple of boxes of cereal, spices, better kitchen knives, potato chips, cookies, kleenex, pasta, a new mattress pad, an espresso maker and a very cool lego set.

The xray people at the airport probably giggle when they scan our luggage.


  1. Have fun on your trip. I can see why you packed food. That's an expensive carton of OJ.

    Great lego set, too. Have fun building it. Oh ya, and get some good skiing in, too. :)

  2. Thanks Christine -- we sure will! Despite all the snack foods that are coming with us, I am determined to come back fitter!