Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Year End Food Round Up

This year's tomato harvest was a bust. Our peppers did much better and D has finally perfected his hot sauce and kosher pickle making techniques.

He is optimistic for next year though I am hesitant in putting more money into supplies when I can support local farmers instead.

Our food budget is $250/month including household supplies. It wasn't until we started to watch "Til Debt Til Us Part" that we realize we spend less than all the people we've seen so far on the show! Most of the families are getting around $125/wk for groceries, even couples!

The major factor that has helped us with keeping our food bill low is our reduction in meat consumption. It is at least 50% of what it was a year ago. We also started buying dried beans instead of canned.

We plan our meals around what is on sale that week. Something I've never done before. I actually look forward to Fridays when our neighbourhood flyers arrive. If I see something that I know is good (we have a price book), I will circle it and go from there.

In the category of non grocery food items such as eating out, it comes out of our allowance. Same goes for meeting friends for coffee or lunch.

We actually had money left over after the last grocery rounds. That was a first. And I can honestly say we have never ate or felt better.

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