Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Reining It In

I may need to revise our monthly Visa budget. It is supposed to be use for gasoline and D's monthly parking costs. If we use it for other things, then the amount gets paid for from other working accounts right away.

As of late, we've been going over in the non gasoline/parking category. That bugs me because it means there are extra things we've been buying that doesn't fit into regular spending categories. We've gotten a bit lax.

So, I'm staring at the $788 balance instead of the budgeted $180 wondering what happened?! Well, it's called by many names such as some really good chocolate, DVD's not found at the library, a couple of meals out, oil spraying 2 cars, food processor, pet shampoo, new work clothes for D and a Lego set.

It'll get paid for, of course, and I remind myself it is all within our control.

My month end numbers for Oct. came in and I seriously just squeaked by my monthly projection by $72.96 take home. A bit close for comfort and the closest yet this year.

When I was on my car hunt, we encountered 2 salespeople. The first one was terrible, the second one was the one I've been in contact with. Now, the first one will not leave D alone. I'm not sure how calling over and over again and emailing is going to motivate D into buying a car when he is not the real buyer.

It's probably just as well as I have less patience than D and would likely just tell him off. In this day and age, I cannot believe that the stereotype of the "guy" making all the financial decisions still exists.

On a really funny note, we were at "Princess Auto" on the weekend, looking for a compressor valve when I was approached by 2 farmers asking if I worked there.

I almost burst out laughing after a split second of shock because I thought they were taking the name of the shop perhaps too literally... they were pretty embarrassed when I said no.

Seriously, I was wearing a pair of 2 1/2 inch brown boots, a powder pink fitted North Face jacket and pale corduroys. I guess that makes me look like a "Princess"? ... or maybe I really did look like I knew what I was doing!


  1. I've been having the same problem, each month we've been going over budget on mundane things. I think I've reined it in, we're underbudget for the current 2-week period. I like to meet or exceed our savings goals, I hate taking money out of those accounts to cover the overages. I'm sure you'll get back on track!

  2. You must have known what you were doing ... seems any lady who knows her way around a compressor MUST work there!

    Glad you had a laugh

  3. Thanks Miss M for your vote of confidence! I'm hoping Dec will be balanced for us. Good for you for being underbudget this month!

    Thanks omatthes for your vote of confidence!