Thursday, November 5, 2009

Another Day

My last day of work before a week off! Yeah!!! Not sure if it will be busy though not worrying about it either way.

We will be draining/pushing the water out of the cottage pipes this weekend thus the need for the new compressor valve. Last year's attempt was a bit of a fiasco as the valve wasn't working well (despite it being new) and overall time taken was just too long and unpleasant. I'm keeping fingers and toes crossed this year that it won't lead to divorce!

Not much to report financially today. The weeks that neither one of us get paid tend to be pretty boring financially.

The budget area we seem to be excelling in is our food/grocery account. We have been sticking with it with no whining or anything.

A reader gave a fantastic suggestion regarding our Costco membership. I did not know that we could buy gift cards that would allow us to continue shopping there for 1 year after our membership expires without having to pay to continue our membership. We could even ask friends of ours to buy such cards for us, effectively eliminating the membership altogether!

So at the very least, we had reduced membership costs to every other year. I'm in the midst of calculating our annual expenditures at Costco to decide how large of a gift card to buy by the end of this month. Thanks again for the tip!

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