Monday, November 2, 2009

Odds & Sods

I have a confession. I just ate a coffee crisp for breakfast! Leftover loot from Saturday...

Pretty much finished the editing of the article I'm submitting for the magazine. It's going out for the first read today. The actually hard deadline is in 1 1/2 weeks but I have a week off starting this Friday and don't want to do any formal work during that time.

Going to attempt to get my flu shot today. There is apparently a shortage right now so if there is a lot of pushing and shoving at the public clinic, I'm going straight back home.

They are estimating that there is only enough to inoculate 60% of the high risk people -- of which I am considered one due to my profession. I'm just not going to worry about it, if the doesn't work out. Stressing out will only make things worse.

On my quest to get up to speed with my health appointments, I have a dental checkup and cleaning this week too. Yeah... I'm not a fan of going to the dentist...

Turandot will be shown live from the Met at movie theatres in HD this weekend. I'm going to go. It was this opera I had a ticket for but didn't end up being able to go, the last time I was in NYC.

D and I braved the crowds at Costco yesterday to load up on stuff as our membership is expiring this month. What I would like to see happen this year, is to not renew for preferably 6 plus months later, to spread the costs farther apart.

I've also been pricing out some continuing education courses and better liability insurance plans for work. They are in the fairly necessary category of things so I'll be working to build them in financially.


  1. There is a way to shop at Costco without renewing your membership at all.

    You can Purchase Costco gift cards (while you still have your membership, or have a friend do it for you) to last you for a year. You do not need a membership to shop at Costco if you are using a gift card.

    If you go one step further and order your gift cards on-line through their website, you can pay with any major credit card and earn points - something you can't do in the store!

  2. Thank you for the awesome advice! We are looking into it asap!