Friday, November 27, 2009

No Party This Year

D and I both work in places where there aren't a paid for Christmas party. Personally, I believe they are being cheap. Both of our companies recorded record profits despite the down turn. And it isn't as if a company paid party wouldn't be a tax write off anyways.

I am boycotting mine this year and we won't be around for D's as we will be out west. Even if we were, he has no desire to go. That's an entirely different issue altogether. Me, I like dressing up for a night out. I still have many beautiful dresses (mostly black cocktail ones) left over from my spending days that want to be worn!

The reason I'm forgoing mine is mainly due to me not wanting to hang out with my associates. As they have difficulty accepting my views on life and work (the part where I am supposed to work 40+hrs as week to earn their respect...), I don't need to see their disapproval any more than I already do.

D would love to go and have it conveniently slip out in conversation how great our lifestyle is. That isn't my style. If they wanted to know more about me, they can just ask. Because they don't, they end up making crazy assumptions like I cannot afford a house because I drive a 12 yr old car.

I still remember the look on my face when I was asked where I was renting back a couple of years ago when I moved into the city. Even if they knew my reality, they likely wouldn't even believe it because it is so far from what is possible in their minds. Whereas for me, it's all about priorities.

Those of you who get to party it up this season, Enjoy and Have a Great Time!


  1. I don't go to my office Christmas thing either as I really have no desire to socialize with the people I work with. Somedays it's enough that I have to see them at work. I just have nothing in common with them and small talk drives me crazy. Your christmas trip out west sounds nice. Enjoy!

  2. If you wouldnt enjoy it anyway and you have nothing in common then i think its fair enough not to go. I really enjoy our annual party becuase we actually have time to talk to each other for once in a year. I am pretty sure though that no one cares how old my car is & I would find it very weird if they did! I like to have a happy working environment because we are there often enough.

  3. Hi Sue and Lizzie!

    I would love nothing more than to work with owners who were people I really like and want to get to know more.

    Unfortunately that isn't the case for me. And because of that, it does make for consistently tense work environmnent. It's tough to want to celebrate that.