Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I spoke with my associate who was the other recipient of the weekend work email and she isn't going to budge either. Interesting. I wonder what they are going to do as they have no coverage for half of the month starting Nov.

I wager that the 2 of them (partners) will step up and work it until they can hire someone else. If the find someone, then it will be the 3rd person for this position in 2 years. What does that say about what they are offering?

I wonder if it has started to sink in for them that they are not offering what they think they are. It isn't as good a position, nor profitable as they feel it is. Not likely. If I was earlier in my career, (I realize to some 12 yrs is still early...) I would consider striking out on my own.

I'm too far along it now. Plus, seeing the end in sight takes my energy away from working longer and harder.

When psychological crap like happens, I return to working on my exit strategy with a fervor. Fine tuning it, asking better questions of myself to get better more viable answers.

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