Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Organization Needed

D came home with a jar of Tahini last night. We've been talking about making hummus forever and haven't moved on it and keep on buying it.

No excuses now. We don't have a food processor and will attempt it using a hand mixer (stand type). I am very excited about this!

Yesterday I realized that I don't have as much music in my life compared to 3 years ago. What happened? We moved and our current music setup is not as accessible. We also made the switch from CD to mp3 via the iPod.

I remember the day we were at Best Buy to buy our iPod. I joked with the gal that helped us (I think she was 18 yrs old) that we were probably the oldest people she has seen buy an iPod.

She was very kind about it and told us she didn't even have one yet as she was saving to pay for university!

We went big (for the time) and bought the 80 gig one. (I was peeved that they put out the 120 gig a month later...) Anyways, I digress.

Fast forward 3 years and it is almost half full and D hasn't put all of his CD's on it yet.

Now the issue is accessibility. I haven't done any play lists yet so it gets on my nerves a bit when I have to search for stuff. There is starting to be too much to sift through.

So I am now committed to making my own A - Z play list. As usual, I'm way behind D. He already has a dozen of them. Some of them near 12 hrs long and really good.

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