Thursday, September 3, 2009

Everyday Living

The air is changing and starting to smell like fall around here. We actually saw some leaves turning colour already up north.

The Met (Metropolitan Opera NY) just announced its HD line up this year and I am tempted. They are featuring some real classic ones this year. I have been a bit of a snob about it since its launch a few years ago.

Since being stranded at La Guardia a couple of years ago and missing out on Turandot (my ticket cost $240!), I haven't been motivated to go back yet. If I can get my head around not being there live, I will give it a go.

Another vehicle has been added to the line up of possibilities as a future replacement car -- The Honda Fit. I had an opportunity to see and drive one (2009) and I was really impressed with how smartly designed it was. If it only came with all wheel drive, I'd be even more enthusiastic.

D got a set of Michelin X-Ice tires for his new car. He found it used (1 season), with rims for $400 to which I encouraged him to offer $300 and he got it. They are in fantastic shape. I've only ever used Blizzaks but the X-Ices are also rated really well. Otherwise new Blizzaks and rims would have come to over $800 plus tax.


  1. I have a 2008 Honda Fit and love it. Fantastic little car.

  2. Hi Sue!

    Thanks for dropping by! Yes, I'm quite smitten with it-- been reading the brochure a few times!

    Good luck with your race next week!