Saturday, September 5, 2009

Dream Away

I sometimes think I need a carrot dangling in front of me for motivation. Sometimes I'm fine without it. Guess it depends on my motivation.

Some people's "carrots" are really big, like an expensive car or a expansive house. They claim that if they didn't have it (the debt...) they wouldn't work as hard. True?

I am certainly guilty of it. Real estate is my ultimate carrot. I love to dream of living in faraway places like France and Nfld. Perhaps debt has been a motivator for me too -- a reason to work and make money.

Lately though, especially in the last year, debt has been a deterrent. So a personal corner has been turned. I am more content with what I have. Previously, contentment was akin to stagnation in my mine, a bad word...

So my thoughts have turned to smaller "carrots" I would like someday -- like a netbook, finding the next car, various classes I'd like to take. I figure there in no harm in dreaming!

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