Monday, August 10, 2009

I've Been Tagged!

I've been Tagged by Lizzie to come up with 7 Amazing Facts about Myself. Not sure I have any Amazing Facts, though here are 7...

  1. I am a dreadful Skipper. I have come last in every single sailing race I've been in when I've been at the helm. On the flip side, I am a fabulously intuitive crew member and won my first 2 person race on a 3 mast sailboat as Crew.
  2. I am not scared to travel alone. In fact, I rather enjoy it.
  3. I only like to drive when on a road trip. Other than that, I'd rather walk. Though I must say I like to drive fast. The fastest I've ever driven is 100 miles/hr on the Santa Monica Freeway. That is why I am currently driving a boring car... so I am not tempted. That may change if I end up with a Rally Car...
  4. I've had some of my paintings on display at 2 private art galleries and at Toronto City Hall.
  5. I can read and watch my favorite books and movies over and over 20 times!
  6. I missed out on a fun and carefree Childhood because I had to take on adult responsibilities on behalf of my parents. Now that I am older, I feel I am living younger in many ways than I was able to a few decades ago.
  7. I love to immerse myself in other Cultures to that point where I feel the need to learn languages and customs before I go. I only spoke 1 sentence of English in 2 1/2 wks in Italy -- asking the front reception staff at the hotel to please be patient with my Italian as I wanted to practice.


  1. Some very cool intersting facts! I am impressed!

  2. I noticed you'd directed some links my way recently, so I thought I should come by :) I'm intrigued that you, too, also have the goal of studying Spanish in Argentina. A language-learning vacation is the ultimate vacation, as far as I'm concerned.

    I have to admit that I do hesitate when I have to speak a language I'm not great in with native speakers. In the past I've just put myself in situations where I HAVE to speak the language (living in France for a year as a teen). I guess I'm just worried they won't understand and I'll end up embarrassed, even though I know people are usually very understanding. How do you get past that fear?

  3. Hi Lise;

    I am afraid of sounding silly as well. I think that my enthusiam neutralizes it! Would have given anything to be in France for a year as a teen -- what an awesome experience it must have been!

    Thanks for popping by!