Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dangerous Thing

We did a dangerous thing yesterday....called car research at a dealership...

I bought my car when it was a year old, so never had a chance to go through a showroom etc. As it is my first car, I've never actually owned a new car. Having said that, I'm not sure I would buy a new one anyways. Though I was seriously tempted yesterday.

We met a nice salesman who leads a really active life (motorcycle racing, ski instructor etc. ) so it was really inspiring to talk to him. He knew that we weren't there to buy something right then and there but will give us a shout if something used comes along that fit what we were looking for. I want to give him our business.

So... what were we looking (salivating) at?

A Subaru Impreza WRX STI

Yes, I now want to take a course in rally driving....


  1. LOL. I've never even seen the car until now (love googling). Looks like fun. Now taking it for a test run could have resulted in two outcomes: 1)buy it or 2)would have been out of your system. Most people succumb to #1 at the dealership.

    You were smart for walking out of there. But you must have been serious for walking into the dealership.

  2. Hi Laura!

    Check this out! Exciting stuff!

    You probably have a similar one of these in the UK but this is one of the best in our neck of the woods!

    Hi Money Funk!

    I just wanted to get some info. D has been talking and talking about this car, trying to get my excitement up so I finally gave in and took a look at it. I turned down the test drive...