Thursday, July 9, 2009

Waking Up

I'm laughing at how my morning got started.

D and I were woken up by a rogue fire alarm in our house around 4 am. I think it was trying to tell us the battery needed replacing (thank goodness, not because of a real fire!).

I fell back asleep til just before 9am and woke to D telling me about someone who was interested in one of our higher priced items who was a Nigerian scammer...(I'm still not quite awake at this point!)

Now, D has just told me about how much cable will cost out west. He has been lobbying for it since we are out there 5 1/2 weeks this year. It will cost around $250.

I started laughing. I couldn't help it. I think the cable cost is ridiculous. So I left it to him that is he can get the condo rented for a week, then we can have cable.

Otherwise I'd rather spend $250 in other ways... like 5 dance lessons or 5 cello lessons... : ) Now, let me slowly wake up in peace!

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