Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Turning 40 in 3 years

For some reason my up and coming 40th birthday is becoming mentally significant. No other age has stood out before.

I tend to think of life transition in terms of life events ie. graduation, graduation again, first job etc. etc. not as a number.

A large number of my friends are much older than me because age doesn't matter to me. I am attracted to a person's spirit and zest. Most of them have more energy and vibrancy than people much younger I know.

So why suddenly am I fixated on turning 40 in 3 years?

A large part appears to be my expectations of where thought I ought to be by then.

When I was in my late 20's I expected to be debt free and semi retired by mid thirties. I did manage to get there but plans have grown and changed since I met and married D.

I am a bit dissatisfied that there is still debt in my life even though it isn't really my debt. We are working on that. The lower interest rates brought on by the current economy has benefited us.

We are reducing our savings amount for the next 3 years to accomplish the mortgage repayment goal and I worry some of the opportunity lost not investing more during a down market.

I feel a bit weighed down by responsibilities at work and at home. I am currently selling things to lighten up and restarted a health plan to combat this.

I cannot change the unsupportive people I work with so I am changing my approach to them so they do not drain me of my reserves.

So there is this insane urgency to "get it all together" in the next 3 years so I can start my next decade of life freer. Strange!


  1. I think many people have this type of reckoning when they turn 40, hence all the mid-life crises! I know i am not where I thought I would be at 33, but I do my best to be thankful for what I do have. You've certainly accomplished the lifestyle that many people wish for, you should be really proud of living life on your own terms.

  2. LOL. The same has been on my mind, too. I will be 38 in ... egads! 2 Months. :(

    I told my DH I was going thru a midlife crisis the other day. Because I have not met my expectations.

    The good thing about this age...I am at an age where I can make those expectations happen as i have a much better hold on reality then I did in my 20s.

    Ya, I wasn't expecting to be in so much debt. Wasn't in my life plans. lol.

  3. Thanks Miss M;

    I am very happy that I have a large amount of control with respect to my job and life. That is a luxury and am very thankful for it.

    Most of the stress I see is people around me and at work is due to lack of flexibility in their working week.

    Hi moneyfunk!

    I'll be 38 in 6 months, so not far away either.

    I agree with you about the better hold on reality thing. Gosh, what I thought I knew when I was 26 makes me blush!

  4. Thought you might like this video....Life starts in your 50s. Enjoy!

  5. Thanks MoneyFunk -- I will check it out!