Thursday, July 30, 2009

Septic System Checkup

Some extra expenses have popped up regarding the cottage. Every 6 years or so, the township employs an engineering and environmental firm to do check ups on septic systems that were installed prior to 1999. Since our cottage is 65 yrs old, we qualify.

So we got our letter in the mail notifying us that this summer is our time. The last checkup happened shorted before we found our cottage 6 yrs ago so passing the test was one of the conditions in the agreement to purchase.

The last couple to own it as well as us, use the cottage fairly "lightly", the concrete tank and weeping bed was is great shape. Our recent assessment by the septic company was very good as well. Because it was pumped out last year, we do not have to do it again this year. We are now waiting for the engineering assessment.

Total cost, around $110 for the certificate and inspection. Good for another 6 years or so. A small price to pay compared to septic replacement, which happened to one of our neighbours at a cost of $3500 - 4000.

A new one would have to conform to current building codes which no longer allows for an underground septic system if you are a certain distance away from a body of water, which we are.

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