Friday, July 31, 2009

Crazy Insurance Brokers

In April, we switched insurers for the cottage in order to be better covered for that property. We got 3 quotes and went for the one whom we thought would do the best job.

It is almost 4 months later and we have decided to ditch Company A for Company B because A has demonstrated a lack of customer service (2 emails and 2 phone call messages before responding) and has suddenly shown their pushy sales calls at dinner time, playing hardball, pretending they have the control when they hadn't bothered to review our file before spewing off incorrect facts about our cottage... not remembering who is paying who...

They have admitted to using their own unique table to determine insured amount (26% higher) vs. what the insurance company uses and have refused to change the insured amount.

We are going with another broker who sells the same insurance even though Company A told D that we would not be able to buy the same policy because they have a monopoly on it in Canada. Not true.

The new insurance is in effect today and personally, I am happy to pay an administrative fee that goes with cancellation of a policy just to be rid of Company A. It has become a matter of principle.


  1. I hate pushy companies, it just drives me away. I once almost murdered a salesman trying to sell us windows when he wouldn't leave after 3 hours and me telling him to leave! I hope you are happier with the other insurance.

  2. Hi Miss M;

    My parents had a similar experience but in their case, an encyclopedia salesman!

    When will some companies learn that you want to get along with customers, not alienate them?!