Friday, June 26, 2009

Yeah Friday!

Except for a loaf of my current love -- the cranberry chocolate artisan bread, we now bake sour dough, rye and multigrain by either the bread maker or oven. They taste great and we have not missed buying regular bread at all.

I haven't calculated if we actually save money or not when accounting for the electricity the bread maker uses or the gas our gas oven uses... I guess we just feel good about doing it ourselves, that's all.

The other day, I threatened D that I will sell our pasta maker if we do not start using it! That no stone shall be left unturned in our house now that I am on a selling rampage! He thinks he'll come home one day to see an ad for himself and Cedric!

Now that we are into the warmer season (I had a challenging walk to work yesterday, with high temperatures and humidity -- 38 degrees Celsius -- and because I start work at 1 pm, I walk during the hottest time of the day), we have noticed our gasoline usage creeping up.

Extra trips to the cottage, extra social outings etc. We haven't chosen to limit activities but it is more an observation.

With our new commitment towards the mortgage, our yearly holiday schedule will consist of 4 1/2 weeks skiing, 1 1/2 weeks cottage for D. For me, 4 1/2 weeks skiing, 3 weeks cottage, 1 week solo trip and 1/2 week extra, probably at home.

I'm not sure if D actually believes me but I brought up renting out our vacation properties again. Remember that he vetoed it due to my reluctance? Now that I have gotten the taste of selling stuff and feeling good about it, I suggested that we revisit the concept of getting ready to rent the ski condo this coming season.

I am not ready mentally for the cottage yet but winter is far enough away that I can get my head around it. He said he'd get back to me about it...

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