Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sobering Thoughts

I asked D to create a new spreadsheet for me the other day and the results were quite depressing. It was designed to show our cash flow when I move to a 2 day work week -- not pretty.

Even if I took out most of our leisure activities, I could not make it work. The reason? The mortgages and our savings goals were too ambitious. There was no leeway to live.

I figured that I was D's backup until the mortgages are done and this sheet made me realize that I was not just casual backup, I was mandatory backup.

Unless of course we move into real estate selling mode and I'm not quite ready for that yet.

Sometimes I find it easier to function when I do not have a choice. Sound strange? It helps me settle my mind since I have a propensity to think too much. On some level, there is peace with "it is what it is".

The 8 year or less timeline coincides with D getting another week's holiday so it will be great to celebrate that and the increased cash flow.

From now til the end of the year we have freed up enough cash flow from trips etc. to put about $10000 towards mortgage prepayments. My march towards the 2 days work week has begun.


  1. Get rid of your debt, and then your income requirements will not be as substantial. Kill those mortgages!

  2. Yes I know...I think we are doing well even if we don't add any extra...8 yrs or so to pay off our 2nd and 3rd homes.

    Having said that, I am currently motivated by the idea of working even less and full out retirement in 10 yrs vs. just seeing a balance shrink -- so definately a more balanced approach compared to how a approached my first mortgage where I literally had no life while paying it off in 6 years on my own.