Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How Far to Go

As much as I like taking the middle line with things, I am on an upswing right now with respect to paying off debt. Now that D and I have an "understanding" about mortgage prepayments, I have switched modes and the game to get it done faster has started.

Not very middle way of me and I'm sure I'll wear myself out and swing back down to a more balanced zone but right now, I'm enjoying it.

Part of this upswing has brought forth discussion on just how far are we willing to take this debt reduction thing? Enough to consider canceling trips?

We are currently looking at what fees would be charged and how much we would be saving by not spending regardless of whether the trip is a deal or not. This is a novel approach for me.

Luckily the alternative isn't so bad. Now that the cottage has been newly painted and the new mattress doesn't make my back feel bad, our last 5 days there has been wonderful.

It was nice to see the weekenders go home and have the entire beach to ourselves. Even managed to get a bit of sun despite using a 45 SPF.


  1. Good thinking. I have also decided to pay off as much as I can recently. In fact, been doing it since I bought the house (first I had to pay my Mum back, now the bank gets extra).

    Paying off my Mortgage

    Just seeing how much less you have to pay in interest makes a big difference for me.

  2. I absolutely agree with you Andy!