Friday, June 12, 2009

Finally Over

The dream is over. I have decided to finally let go of my Newfoundland ownership quest.

It came about a few days ago when I was sitting peacefully in my sun room. I was feeling very content with how things were going in our lives and how well the spreadsheets and retirement planning was situated. Things are balanced well right now.

I realized that I did not wish to mess with it. That I did not want anymore, to expend the energy to search, view, inquire, set up accounts, buy stuff to enable this dream of mine to come to life.

I realize that each step is a stepping stone towards or away from things and perhaps my recent foray into selling stuff was the tipping point I needed to see that I do not want to buy anything that would mean buying even more stuff.

Being hugely fond of due diligence, I had already made contact with the insurance broker who would be providing the home insurance, the local township offices about taxes, water, garbage services, local plumber about closing down the place when I'm not there, landscapers to maintain the property so the neighbours wouldn't hate us, furniture stores who offer delivery, carpet stores to replace old carpeting, cleaners who would be willing to provide seasonal service, a lawyer to handle the closing and the local utilities about account start up fees. etc. etc. etc.

To top that, I had started manipulating the spreadsheets to incorporate all these new line items as part of our yearly life. That was the straw that broke the camel's back. It was too much. For years, I loved the thought of doing it and playing around with the possibilities and felt I had the capacity to manage it, but not now.

D and I was supposed to leave early tomorrow morning for Newfoundland.

My Realtor was very understanding and joked that he had ordered a week of great weather in anticipation of our arrival. The proprietor of the B & B I stayed at during my last trip was also very kind and did not charge a last minute cancellation fee. I would have happily paid it but I think he knows I'll be back for a real vacation sometime in the future.

We have decided to head up to the cottage instead to enjoy what we already have. Back end of next week.


  1. Wow! that is a lot of work to put into obtaining ownership and then decide not to do it!

    But, it sounds as if you had a gut instinct to do what you did. And if that is the case, then your decision is right. I am glad to hear that everyone was understanding and that you are going to enjoy what you have now. Have a great time at the cottage with D.

  2. Hi MoneyFunk;

    Yes, I go crazy with the details so that I can feel as informed as I can. Believe it or not, I still manage to miss things when I bought the cottage.

  3. I'm sorry, but it sounds like you are happy with the decision. Sometimes it is best to just stop and enjoy what we have. It sounds like the extra expenses would take a big chunk out of your lifestyle, high expenses are a killer for retirement and freedom. I often feel like I'm working just to pay the mortgage.

  4. Hi Miss M;

    Yes, I am relieved to feel light again.