Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Generosity Backfire

D was surprised this hasn't happened sooner but I had my first contact with an unreasonable potential buyer for some of my stuff.

He not only gave me the sob story of him being a single dad etc. and he wanted to give this item to his daughter... The old softy me, having marked down this otherwise new item down by 50%, proceeded to reduce it by another 40% so he could afford it.

Then the bickering started. We are talking less than $4 here folks. He wanted the shipping billed to the penny and wanted to disregard my cost of packaging and doing business ie. the paypal fees, the packaging fees and the gas, time and effort to get to the post office so that he could buy this item at a bargain because I felt for his cause.

After his 3rd email, I decided not to do business with him. He had the gall to write back to ask me to contact him if I changed my mind.

I'd rather donate the item than sell it to him. To me, it seemed like he was being hugely ungrateful. I certainly do not need the money as much as he apparently does.

If less than $4 is enough to put him over the edge, then maybe he is trying to wear a hat that is too big for his head. He ought to consider an item/label that is within his comfort range so that he wouldn't have to go to such embarrassing lengths to make ends meet.

Personally, I would not be inclined to put myself out there like that to try and gain sympathy so that I can buy something I cannot afford. I also wouldn't expect someone to make a special case for me. Perhaps I wasn't really doing him a favour by being generous.


  1. I dont imagine his story necessarily .
    Lizziehas any truth in it. I dont mind to nargain in an appropriate place, like a bazaar but if you enter a contract then that is that.
    Dont let it put you off, keep having fun with your clearing out

  2. Thanks Lizzie! I will work on keeping my chin up!

  3. Hello MW
    Good on you for sticking to your principles, as a trader you are able to decline an offer to buy if you wish.
    You'll find them anywhere, thinking they can get the better of you. Unfortunately you have to remember that old saying: -
    You can't please everyone all the time - only some of the people some of the time lol
    Its a real shame but that’s human nature (in some)- they have an attitude that the world owes them everything and they want it at the best (worst for you) price they can get it at:(
    Take care

  4. Thanks Cathy! It's not always easy but I do my best!

  5. It's such a pity when you get buyers like that. I bet his story wasn't even true to begin with!

  6. Hi MoneyFunk;

    I would like to believe he wasn't lying but who knows what motivates people!