Wednesday, March 4, 2009


The lower valley clouds are forming a fluffy white blanket for the mountain peaks to poke through this morning.

It is just gorgeous. Looks like the view from an airplane window once above the cloud line.

I'm still jet lagged a bit as I am up really early here and want to sleep early too. My system is still trying to function on home time which is 3 hours different.

D knows that the more enamored I am with being here, the chances of me going along with renting it goes exponentially down.

I'm having difficulty justifying making money with "my home". After all, I have never considered renting out the main house either.

He would like me to re-frame it as "helping other people achieve their goals of being a ski bum or cottager for a little while".

So the insurance is in place here and I am still wavering.

On a very surprising note, my second resend email yesterday to a Realtor in Nfld actually garnered a response -- a good one too!

(not the ignore my list of 12 questions, instead, please look at my website for details...ah...I've already done that...)

so I may actually get to see a place! I'm still waiting on 3 other responses.


  1. I would feel uncomfortable renting out my home, too. You both have valid points.

  2. I eventually plan to rent out my current house, but it would be long term rentals and I would have a new primary home. I imagine temporary rentals of a place you still visit/live in would be weird.

  3. Hi Money Minder and Miss M!

    Thanks for your thoughts on this.

    Ironically yesterday, D and I met 3different sets of people who also owned and have had very positive experiences!