Monday, March 16, 2009

Tax Time

For better or worst (hopefully better), I finally managed to get my tax return sent in online. I don't remember struggling this much last year.

My return is done using an online software. That part was fine, sort of, and after downloading the file, I realized that I left a couple of things out (my marriage date and clicking the single to married status line) and re-saved it, re-downloaded it.

The government site just wouldn't take the file so I was 1 try short of being locked out. At that point, I got desperate and called their help line. He didn't offer much more help so I tried sending in another downloaded file and it took it.

So, the government may have gotten the updated version and maybe they didn't. Neither piece of info ought to mess things up too much as the important "net income for D" was there but who knows with the government?

Bottom line, it was my miss. I'll be following up on that another day. Hopefully it won't delay my small return (about $400) from getting to me on time!


  1. Do you manage to do your own taxes even with having rental property? (You have rental property...right? I seem to remember you saying that...) I have my first rental and am scared that I'll be missing out on deductions if I do it myself this time. Any tips?

  2. Hi Flirty: If you're in Canada, has an on-line version specifically for tax filers with a rental property. When you initially log in, it asks you if you have a rental as one of the first questions.

  3. Hi flirty*almost*30!

    Since I fired my accountant years ago, I've learned to do my own taxes -- professional self employed as well as personal.

    It isn't as intimidating as it may seem. I use Ufile and they walk you through stuff well.

    I haven't tried other programs so I don't know how they compare. My bookeeping is done on Quicken.

    We don't have any rental properties, just 2 other vacation homes that we were thinking of renting out but haven't done so.

    If we had, I would likely continue doing my own taxes. D had a duplex before and he found filing not difficult but the bookeeping/organizing part worst!

    Thanks for the tip Money Minder!