Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Cleaning

I've been on a spring clear out frame of mind as of late.

The bookshelf will be the first to "get it". I've probably bought 3 books in the last 2 years -- books friends have written as well as Spanish verb book and dictionary. So there are still many books I own,will not be reading again that will be donated to my local library.

For one of the few few times in my life, I have the urge to clean! Cleaning is not my strong point. That is not to say I am messy. I just don't tend to create large messes that would require huge cleaning, that's all.

But all of a sudden, I want to wash down walls, cupboards, shelves etc. Must be something I ate... in all seriousness, I think of it metaphorically as "internal" cleaning as well -- like a mirror. I want to enter spring light and airy inside and out.

I have and will be making some purchases.

Firstly, I decided to invest in new skis. They have been bought and was shipped yesterday from Denver. My first season skiing out west posed some challenges and laughs as I use what is known as "east coast skis" meaning we out here tend to ski on hard pack snow and semi icy conditions. We know how to carve!

Whereas, out west, they actually get lots of fluffy snow and my skinny skies have some issues with, can you believe that? You don't ski the same. So I have succumbed to the peer pressure to buy some that are wider underfoot so I will get some buoyancy and control over the "crude" and powder.

I got a great deal ($900 or so savings) on as they are the 2007 model (still new though). They may not have the "new look" graphics but I'm not vain enough to care. They will work just fine. Total cost not including duty $505.58.

My second expenditure was just secured a minute ago. My car needs new tires. And my snow tires need to come off now that spring has arrived. That will happen on Friday. Total cost $406 plus other stuff, I'm sure. I'm going to ask them for an opinion on my front brakes while they are at it. Last fall they were at 35% left so we'll see how much was used over the winter. The bill will be much higher if they are due to be replaced.


  1. Want to come over to my house while you're still in the mood? We could use a spring cleaning around here. Hope you enjoy the new skis, any chance to use them this season or is it too late?

  2. Hi Miss M :)

    Unfortunately no chance to use them this year. Our season locally is wrapping up and I didn't bring my boots home.