Saturday, March 7, 2009

D's Rental Position

D Super Surprised me last night.

I brought up the idea of making a list of what to buy to round out the ski rental plan as we are planning to head into town today for a change of scenery and a break from 1 week of straight skiing.

He told me that he has decided to withdraw his rental proposals.

I was dumbfounded. I had made up my mind to give it a go for a year and see what comes out of it.

He had already made contact with a local cleaning service and negotiated a fair rate. Insurance is in place -- the policy has been paid for. He has spent a lot of time developing the website and calling all sorts of places and people. We've even bought 4 sets of comfy cosy linens back home in anticipation.

His reasoning?

He feels that the rental idea is a good one. BUT, it wouldn't be a great idea for us. US meaning more ME as he doesn't relish the idea of having to handle ME if I were to come back into either space to discover that there is a scratch on the wall, stain on the mattress and the "energy" of the places have changed.

He thinks that I will end up selling the properties because I will feel that they were no longer mine. And right now, we don't HAVE to rent them.

I cannot deny that I would have a cow if I found a red wine stain on my off white sofas at the cottage (it is decorated in a "Hampton" beach style"). AND I cannot deny that I am very sensitive to how places "feel" and how different people can affect the energy of a place -- even people I like.

On a positive note, we have learned a lot about the process and found out that neither insurance policy we had in place were ideal (even from a non rental perspective).

There are newer policies available we didn't know about -- policies that are more specific to cottages and ski condos. The upgrade to the more niche policies will cost about $450 more a year total for both properties.

I love that he knows me so well to know how I would be but I cannot help but feel like some high maintenance chick -- am still getting over the shock of his position.


  1. Middle Way,

    I think D is just too sweet. You've found yourself a keeper. Sit back, relax, and enjoy being with such a wonderful man! And enjoy your spotless, perfect homes too. What a deal!

  2. Does that mean you have decided not to rent or that you're still mulling it over? Can you get back the money you've already paid for insurance and linens? I do see your point about the place no longer being "yours". I would remove anything i really valued before renting out a place, but then it wouldn't feel the same.

  3. Thanks Daphne! He is very insightful. I do feel I've got a great deal here!

    Hi Miss M!

    Rental income is his baby and he's not going through with it.

    We are going to keep the linens as they will work for the cottage as well. They were 50% off so we may never have to buy linens again!

    The ski condo insurance upgrade costs the same whether we rent or not. The cottage insurance upgrade is still in the works. It will make a savings of $100 a year if we do not rent out.

    I think it would have made all the difference if I knew when purchasing that renting was going to be part of it. Because that was not the case, making the transition hasn't been the easiest.

    Thanks for your comment!