Friday, February 27, 2009

What is Going On?!

I don't know what it is.

Perhaps the moon is aligned with some other planet which is having a crazy effect on some wave somewhere but I have come across some strange and disturbing examples of how people are doing business.

As you know, D has been on the hunt for adequate insurance coverage for our vacation properties should they end up being rented out. Meanwhile I have been communicating with Realtors and private sellers in Newfoundland in anticipation of my trip out in April.

Yesterday, D got a quote from an insurance broker who told him that we could have coverage as of 1 minute past midnight even though he didn't require the address of our cottage nor did we receive a policy number or sign anything or even received an application for coverage....

Whereas I have been offered a waterfront home to buy with the closing of my choice and was encourage to not go through a lawyer so I could save money, that they would just fax me some papers to sign and it would be done. He expected that 3 pictures of the outside would suffice and that I would not want to see the inside, do a home inspection or a title search...

Also, I have found that some mls listings photos to be out of date and Realtors refusing to make any effort to update them even though they know I am an out of province buyer who is trying to narrow down a group of listings worth seeing in person. How can they market a property that is not accurate?! Would you buy a property that is supposed to be equipped with certain features after being told that what will be left to you won't be exactly what you see...

On a happier note, we have just checked in and selected our seats for our flights back out west tomorrow morning. I'm thinking that a bit of mountain air will help clear the cobwebs!


  1. Someone thinks you would buy a property sight unseen?? That's a bit crazy. How much does a Newfie cottage cost?

  2. Hi Miss M!

    Yes, I cannot believe it. I waver between thinking it is a scam to "do they really do business like that out there?!"

    I spoke to the representative from the local hydro company and he told me that a lot of homes in rural areas still don't have a address.

    They are described in their system as "the white house 3 doors down from the church". Can you believe that?!

    You can buy a reasonable (meaning non fixer upper) waterfront cottage/home from $69000 to $350000. The higher the cost, the closer they tend to be to a major airport, which is a real plus as car rentals are not cheap there.