Friday, February 6, 2009


Yeah! It's Friday!

I know it is a mental thing but the end of the work week still brings a smile on my face and a lighter step. Along the same lines, some people dread Sundays because Monday is just around the corner.

That is why eventually the work day I will drop will be Fridays (something I really want to do). I currently do not work Mondays so I think Friday would be the perfect "mental" companion. An extra long weekend every weekend.

One day, everyday will be a "weekend" day!

The things I won't miss with having one less work day will be figuring out what to wear to work, carrying a briefcase, packing my fluids and snacks or having to each lunch by a certain time.

So this morning, I asked D to ask me a question because I needed to hear it from someone else's mouth.

"Would you rather cut back your work week or buy a property in Nfld?"

(I really want a property in Nfld too. What if I want both?)

The jury is still out deliberating on that one.


  1. I'm with you - I would want both. If you put your rental income plan into action, would the extra income from this compensate for the day of work you would be cutting out, thus allowing you to purchase in NF?

  2. Passive income from your properties on their days off. Its a win win situation!

  3. I agree, both! Why settle. But the realist in me says, working less would be my preferred goal. Happy friday, mine was a payday too so I have double the cheer!

  4. I don't have an answer for you as to which would be better - but I completely understand the need to have someone actually pose the question aloud.

    Sometimes we mull a situation over in our heads for so long that the basic yes or no, this or that question is blurry and twisted. So nice to have someone bring it back into focus and make it solid again.

  5. Hi Money Minder, Lizzie, Miss M &!

    Your feedback has been very valuable!

    I am going to elaborate my thoughts on your comments in a future post!