Monday, February 23, 2009

Brain Tangle

Sometimes, OK, most times I put an unreasonable pressure on myself to come up with solutions to made up problems.

For example this Nfld property idea I have.

  • My rules for the puzzle is that it must be paid within 9 years (used to be 5 when we were on the accelerated pay out plan) so that we can be totally debt free.
  • It has to be funded out of my "dream" account thus not disturbing any other savings plans.
  • All costs of running of the property has to be paid by me as it is my little pet project.
  • What property can fit all of the above criteria?!

So that is what I've been tangling up my brain cells over. D thinks I'm out of my mind.


  1. If it is meant to be, it is out ther waiting for you and you and your dream property will find eachother.

  2. Thank Money Minder for reminding me to release the hold, let go and see if it comes back. I'm finally in that phase now.