Sunday, December 28, 2008

Boxing Day 2008

The day after Christmas is known as Boxing Day here in Canada (and probably other places too). It is customary to expect good sales at the shopping centers. Because boxing day landed on a Friday this year, I had a feeling that this weekend would be horrendous at the malls.

Yesterday we took a day trip into the city for a change of pace. I cannot believe I've been off work for 1 week already! It still feels like I just finished (not sure if that is a good sign or not...). My main goal was to visit the 2 British ladies that owns a runs a very yummy fish and chips restaurant. We stumbled on their little spot in the spring and vowed to return as soon as we could.

To my disappointment, the restaurant was closed until the new year. To our surprise, we found many restaurants and shops posting the same messages. I have never seen so many businesses closed and parking lots so empty.

Upon reflection, I feel it is a very healthy sign for this community. It isn't all about the bottom line. Isn't that why I am off too? Sure it is! So hurray for them. Hey, I could be riding up the ski lift with many of them and not even know it!

We ended up at a shopping mall where I did spend about $200 on clothes -- $170 bought me 5 items of clothing for work (paid by a main working account) and $30 got me a neat casual top (paid by my allowance).

I have become pretty practical with my clothing. Gone are the days where spending $1500 for an outfit was no big deal. I shake my head even thinking about that phase of my life. Mind you, I still value quality and I know what is the minimal I need to spend for something to last.

My current wardrobe consists of fancy clothes from my olden days, work clothes bought on sale from the Gap, Banana Republic, Esprit, Mexx and Jacob and casual clothes. Yesterday's purchases came from Esprit and Jacob.

On a completely different note, we did some grocery shopping as well and found our resultant grocery bill outrageous! It came to over double what it would cost at home (thanks to my price book). We deliberately wanted to grocery shop in town because we thought the prices on the mountain were really high. But it turned out we didn't save anything at all.

That is definitely one budget point that will have to be considered should we move out here for an extended period of time.


  1. Known as Boxing day here too becuase of the Boxes of Alms given to the poor in days gone by. Recently shops have started to open whereas until a few years back Christmas Day & Boxing day were sacrosanct. Now shop owners are desperate for trade. I am all for them taking the day off a bit more often.
    Hope you had a good Christmas

  2. Thanks Lizzie, I did! I hope you did too!