Saturday, November 15, 2008

Christmas Cheer?

We had a nice snowfall today. I was out in it and wanted to get a breath of fresh air as well as some seasonal cheer. It was pretty obvious by the amount of traffic and the energy afoot that the Christmas rush has begun. People were carrying lots of packages and there was lots of hurrying about. What I also noticed was that I had a hard time finding someone who seemed happy.

I love the colours and sounds of Christmas time. Even though I do not have many people to buy for, I can appreciate the bright festive displays and decorations. Thus I tend to linger to take it all in. Though Christmas time was not something I was born into culturally, I have embraced the spirit of giving and time with loved ones.

When I see hurried people trying to get things done not looking like they are enjoying themselves or are happy about it, it makes me wonder why? One can blame all sort of things like businesses, family traditions and the commercials etc. But in the end, the choice to engage is a choice. If you cannot do something optional with joy, then why do it?

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