Monday, October 13, 2008

What is the Purpose of this Blog?

The purpose of this blog did not start from the desire to make money. To be honest, I never considered it or thought it was possible. Sometimes I do think I've been living in some hole somewhere! I participated in a blogpoll recently and when the results were revealed, I was the only one who answered that my blog was just for myself (Eric, if you are reading, that was me).

My work doesn't involve html links, adsense or uploading sitemaps. Web 2.0, digg it, technorati etc. I'd never heard of until recently. I am a pen and paper worker who uses a software program that shows me my appointment schedule. That's as sophisticated as it gets. I read my news, check banking, email, buy plane tickets etc. online--What I consider as "regular" stuff. It is pretty easy to get caught up in trying to make my blog accessible, to increase it's reach, get ranked but it can turn into a serious job! I don't need another job!

I built this blog for myself as a form of an online journal where I can see what I am working on pretty much on one page. I also believe that I approach life differently and have built a unique way of living and if someone finds what I have to say as interesting or inspiring, that's cool. It helps me get stuff out of my brain into the visual world. I am an artist at heart and have a need to express myself visually.


  1. I've retired recently partly because of health reasons but I'm glad I did. I value my time more than money.

    Now I have a new direction as
    "A Leisure Enthusiast"

    I like your site because it doesn't emphasize money. It's somewhat like the advice I found in a book:
    "How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free" by Zelinski

    Just for fun I've staarted my own weblog: A LEISURE ENTHUSIAST at

    If you don't mind I'll put your weblog link on my blog.


  2. Welcome John and thank you for stopping by. Congratulations on your retirement. I look forward to reading about your adventures!

  3. Hi there MW, I just came across your blog as I've been recently researching financial freedom / early retirement in preparation for my own impending transition, and as I've started a blog on this topic. Will sift through more of your posts (although there are a lot of them now !!), which I have found interesting so far and like the philosophical approach of the middle way. As you mentioned here, I also have no intention to monetize blogging. My purpose is partly to journalise and capture my various thoughts, but perhaps primarily the intention is to give something back if hopefully I can write something of use and value to others.... best wishes, FFA

    1. Hi FFA; Thank you for your comment! Sorry for the delayed response as I have been away. Look forward to following along on your journey. Interesting times ahead for you and your family.