Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I would like to think that I do a pretty decent job of conserving resources. My utility payments are made automatically each month out of a checking account. The bills are sent online. We recycle, compost and produce 1/2 bag of garbage a week. Once in a while I am drawn to take a closer look at a utility bill to see if my efforts are bearing fruit. Then I get frustrated.

For example, my most recent hydro and water bill just came in. We used $37.24 worth of electricity from the end of August to end of Sept. (we live in a high summer heat and humidity area so we do use air conditioning) For water, we used $14.50 worth for the month, for a grand total of $51.74. I do not find those numbers over the top.

We've incorporated the changes that most have talked about ie. the low flow shower heads, the new bulbs, shutting lights off in rooms not used etc. etc. Heck, we even buy homes that have a lot of natural light so no lamps are turned on until dark.

It is the "other"charges that make the entire bill add up to $128.77! I am sure that I'm not the first one to rant about this and I realize that I am helping to pay for the infrastructure that brings these services to my home but come on!

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