Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Dream Account

I recently nicknamed one of my savings accounts "Dream".

Putting a label to an otherwise numbered account allows me to "direct" my intentions. In a previous post, I stated that one of my financial goals in a dampened economy is to increase my cash position.

To my bank's surprise and perhaps dismay, I have opened up 8 new "high interest" (I use these words lightly as what they are paying does not astound me!) accounts and labeled them "Home, Travel, Car, Properties, Dream, Slush, Education and Savings".

Sure, I could have just put all the money into one account but I want to be able to save for more specific reasons and have an easier way to plan for how much I would like to be in each account. For example, in the Home account, I would like to have enough there to pay for a new roof whereas in Education, I would like enough there for 2 tennis lessons a month and ski lessons this January and so on.

The Dream account is my favorite one in that it represents my open intention for the fulfillment of something big/cool/mind blowing/surprise!/insert another wonderful adjective...

In my life I have been presented time and time again with events that surpass my mental limits of "cool".

I constantly create a plethora of ideas and although I think I may be doing a good job with realising them, the universe takes some and reforms them into things that blow my mind and stretch what I believe is possible.

I believe that people "create" their own luck and this is one way I am expressing my desire for all things good.


  1. ING has a system where you only have to open one account but you can setup subaccounts within the account.

  2. Thanks for the tip! My non tax account is with ING but I did not know about their other offerings. This would make things much easier!