Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Life Goals

My life goals are as follows:

I want to live in an architecturally significant home. ---Done!

I want a place to escape to. ---Done!

I want to live near water/beach. ---Done!

I want to live in the mountains. ---Done!

I want to be able to travel overseas each year. ---Done!

I want to nourish myself mentally, emotionally, physically. --Ongoing!

I want plenty of contemplation time. --Done!

I want to express myself creatively. --Working on it!

I want to integrate myself with other cultures via language, food and common goals. ---Ongoing!

I want to keep learning. ---Ongoing!

I want to connect with like minds. ---Ongoing!

I want to inspire others to create. ---Hope I am having this affect!


  1. Hello! I found my way here because your site referred visitors to me. Thanks for including Joyful Days in your blogroll!

    I looked through several of your posts and like the general tone. And I love this post about your goals in life. We share some of the same ones, like being near water, having a place to escape to, spending time in contemplation.

    Keep up the great blog. I will link back to you.


  2. Thank you for your kind words Daphne!

    I appreciate how your blog expands me back to base principles as it is so very easy to get buried in too many details and subsequently forget why...

    I am so grateful that there are many people out there to learn from, who are writing about such valued aspects of life. I cannot hope to do it all myself. It is more fun "journeying" as a group!